The Clear Signs


By Mohammed Hameed Siddiqui

Scientific exegesis (tafsir ilmi) is a part of the Qur’anic exegesis and has a long history in Muslim thought. Several popular exegeses (plural: tafaseer) of the Quran lack scientific interpretation and only account for linguistics, jurisprudence, and theology. This book is an attempt to fill in this gap.  For the first time in the secondary literature of the Quran, its scientific truths comprising 23 disciplines of science, humanities, wisdom, reasoning, logic, historically verifiable events, and the unique linguistic coherence in the Quran have been presented with illustrations, tables, and example calculations. This book’s two volumes (1000 pages) highlight some of the 750 verses out of 3236; a quarter of the Quran deals with nature and encourages scientific inquiry toward truth.

One-third of volume-1 resolves matters where Physics is silent in the doctrine of “creation from nothing” are presented with modern scientific explanations.  The rest of the volume-1 highlights the Clear Signs of the Quran in the ‘Social Universe’ by the Practices of Prophet ﷺ  for fair, just, and moderate nations, and the Quran prohibits extremism and true justice even if against self-interest. Reaffirmation of democratic principles, the charter of rights based on justice and equality in the Quran—the protection of femininity, women’s rights, rights of the disabled, and privileges. Furthermore, many popular Islamophobic misbeliefs are corrected.

Volume-2 highlights the scientific and archeological evidence of prophets’ stories and events with their migration maps, landmarks from Prophet Adam (AS) to the last and final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

The Evidence of the Quran’s authenticity for all times is presented by the following:

  • The Scientific Truths
  • The Proofs of Unaltered Text
  • The Unique Linguistic Coherence in all 114 Chapters
  • 25 Prophets’ Events and their Scientific and Archeologic Facts
  • Islamic Landmarks
  • The Quranic Relevance to Contemporary Society
  • The Quran’s Authenticity – Linguistics, Mathematics, and Statistics
  • Islamophobic Misconceptions Corrected
  • Connections between Islam, Christianity, and Judaism
  • Timeless and Universal Teachings of Islam.